Please call me if you want to arrange the same day meeting. A voice at the other end of the phone is so much easier to connect with than a text or even an e-mail. You might be shy or nervous, but I promise not to bite! 
Phone number: (+4) 0735.213.392

If you e-mail me, I usually respond back to you within 12 hours. Your name, age, phone number or email adress and a little bit about your likes will help me get a sense of you with which I can prepare to put a smile on your face. Unless it's part of your fantasy, I don't "do" impersonal, so getting to know and like you is a key differentiator between my services and that of others in the adult industry. I want to like you and you to like me! 
E-mail adress:


Bucharest, Romania


(004) 0735.213.392